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LugNut1990 04-26-2021 09:26 PM

Not one like that on mine ...

It appears to be: Engine off! Big wrench on the body, loosen mounting bolt to alternator, rotate to engage the desired fine teeth between the two parts of the tensioner, tighten the mounting bolt, recheck belt tightness. No spring.

ahardb0dy 04-27-2021 02:47 AM

"[QUOTE=nissanhbuser3227;548461]Surely the previous owner deleted it. Mines a 94 and the tensioner is very adjustable. Hope you find the right parts to make it oem AC.

BTW the clutch is not removable gotta buy the whole compressor."

The clutch IS removable, it's not available separate but it can be removed. I removed mine on my former 93 when the clutch wasn't engaging all the time, I ended up removing one of the shims and than it worked fine.

Have to remove the center bolt than carefully pry the outer clutch off ( or use the tool), than there is a snap ring that must be removed.

snap ring shown after outer clutch removed:

outer clutch:

ahardb0dy 04-27-2021 02:49 AM


Originally Posted by Jason Bourne (Post 548335)
Tropical cats thanks for the video link. I had watched that one as well as others that show the same tensioner on the AC idler pulley before trying to replace the belts. Mine doesnít look like that. Wasnít sure if it was a weird 93 thing. Iím thinking someone replaced the original with something different before I bought the truck.

it's not a 93 thing, your truck doesn't have the OEM part, my former 93 had the adjuster that is shown in the factory service manual.

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