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TrekTerrano 09-14-2021 11:17 AM

Two steel pipes under engine
Hi All, new to the forum and great to see the range and experience on the site. I bought a two D21 VG30 Hardbody V6 4wd auto, for my charity rally work that we do for The Starlight Foundation here in Australia. I have rebuilt the engine and various areas over the last 18 months and despite all good intent of marking, photos and the like, I have a couple of connection that are making my head spin as I cant find where they connect. Remembering that this is a RH drive vehicle here in Oz, the two steel lines come along the underside near the fuel lines and go 90 to the rear of the front cross member and finish there with a belled end as if ready for a rubber line connection. I have the auto tran cooler connected and fuel lines connected but cannot work out where these two lines connect. I have looked at Haynes Manuals and the Nissan D21 full workshop manual but none show the specifics of these two pipes.
I was hoping that someone might be able to provide some clues.
If it helps, I can upload a couple of pix of the pipe locations for viewing
Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Cheers
Ps i will be uploading some pix of the zed and terrano once i resize them shortly.

rbourgeo 09-14-2021 05:43 PM

Indeed hard to say without pics...

Haynes manual is garbage. Take a look at the FSM.

My guess might be the load sensing valve was deleted? and lines left hanging? Not even sure that make sense.

As a joke i want to say exhaust pipes or torsion bars....

89'HBV6 09-14-2021 07:35 PM

Welcome to IN...

Yea, we do need PICs. Hope we can help, but most of us are LHD... the LHD FSM is available in my sig.

jp2code 09-15-2021 12:52 AM

The 2wd Torsion Bars are longer than the 4x4 Torsion Bars.

This pic shows the 2 Torsion Bars on either side of my transmission (and how they hit the Pacesetter headers):

Basically, these are your front springs.

TrekTerrano 09-15-2021 03:10 AM

Thanks for the quick responses and appreciate the need for pix. Took a couple from underneath as best I could this am and attach here. The pipes run across behind the front cross member and terminate as noted. They appear to feed back to the group that is the 4 pipes caught in the later pix - I will be trying to review in the next day or so to make sure I am accurate n that. I wonder if they are to do with fuel tank venting (petrol v6) somehow.
ps have also attached here and in my profile a pic of the Terrano (and my zed)
>rbuergeo LOL, would be worried if I confused exhaust/torsion components but after sweating through removal, rebuild and re -installation, anything is possible...
>89'HBV6- thanks re the manuals - yes Haynes is pretty useless and am reviewing the others. I did have prior links to these and have used and found the cluster of pipes I believe it is part of but cant determine the rest of the connection
> jp2code - thnx for the underside pic - similar but mine is a v6 4wd and I cant see any lines across the front crossmember. These pipes are only around 3/8' dia so def not confusing with torsion bars etc.
This is the approx location
This the pipe udner the front cross member
And this is the group I believe it goes back to the rear of the vehicle with - just near the steering box RHD

rbourgeo 09-15-2021 03:48 AM

No luck with the links…I usually just use for sharing photos here

Deerhurst 09-15-2021 03:53 AM

Little tiny hose on the cross member under the oil pan is the front diff breather. It goes up on the firewall on my truck. The power steering lines on the LHD trucks go across the cross member under the radiator. The steering link that connects both sides to turn the wheels is not real big and inside the skid plate under the front of the motor.

My fuel and take lines follow the frame on the side the battery is on, passenger side for me.

I can't think of anything else down there. I spent a lot of time down there with my VG33 swap.

BTW, photos are dead. I've had good luck with imgur here.

TrekTerrano 09-15-2021 04:56 AM

Thnx re feedback on images. Try these ones

TrekTerrano 09-15-2021 04:57 AM

and Deerhurst,. thnx for your input, that diff breather one makes sense with another line I know is under there. Will check some more

Deerhurst 09-15-2021 04:59 PM

The red, I believe, is the speedo cable. If have to follow the other one.

My front diff breather is a hard line with a rubber section to the diff.

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