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Ronin 09-15-2021 02:37 AM

Rear axle upgrade?
New guy here, starting a new build. Have a 96 Hardbody 2wd. Was wondering what rear axle upgrade is the most popular? I see folks have done the Dana 44, has anyone done a Ford 8.8Ē Explorer swap? Strong axle and disc brakes all in one. Iíve read the rear axle in the Hardbody is 59Ē wide and the Explorer 8.8Ē is 59.75Ē. Thoughts?

LugNut1990 09-15-2021 02:50 AM

Planning to do an engine swap too? To what?

Deerhurst 09-15-2021 03:48 AM

Axle swaps are not real common around here. Some of the pathfinders had rear disk. I think the izuzu axles (Rodeo??) Are a little 44 that fits.

The OEM axle is way stronger than people expect. The H233 is a monster. 233mm ring gear. A guy that was on here had a supercharged D21 V6 on 37" tires with a H233 in the rear. Kept blowing out the front wagoneer axles. The rear never had any issues. The Flaming Marshmallow has a PS4. I think he still has a stock 4cyl rear axle from the late 80s. I'm running a mild VG33, so is JP, on stock H233 axles.

Ronin 09-15-2021 04:31 AM

Thanks, thatís really kinda what I needed to know. I built a 68 Bronco from the ground up, but I really donít know anything about these trucks other than they are sturdy and a good project truck. Is there a rear disc brake conversion kit? I HATE working on drum brakesÖ lol. Iíll have to check what axle I have. Is it stamped somewhere? Or did all that year come with the same?

Ronin 09-15-2021 04:34 AM


Originally Posted by LugNut1990 (Post 553163)
Planning to do an engine swap too? To what?

Was thinking of either the small 240sx turbo kit or swap to the V6. Iíd be happy with 275/300 HP.

PoBoi850 09-15-2021 12:30 PM

Honda Passport/Isuzu Rodeo rear ends should swap over pretty easy. I havent done it myself, but have read several places, that it is a direct bolt on. The break lines may or may not need some modification.

dvdswan 09-15-2021 01:53 PM

Being that you're a 2wd, IMO it would be easier to find a D44 from a Rodeo with the gear ratio you want than finding a 2wd V6 HB with a H233 axle.

H233b axles with discs (pathys only) can be found but the ratio is going to be 4.1, 4.3, or 4.6:1 usually the 4.3:1.

As far as the disc swap, it is really simple, hooking up the parking brake may require some fabrication though. will cover the swap.

alabama_lowlife 09-15-2021 04:22 PM

I have a 2wd V6 HG37 H233b but I’m in alabama.

Ronin 09-15-2021 05:08 PM


Originally Posted by alabama_lowlife (Post 553183)
I have a 2wd V6 HG37 H233b but Iím in alabama.

Thanks anyway Brother!! :thumb:

Stinky 09-15-2021 05:23 PM

What are you trying to do?

In stock form, there is no reason to upgrade the rear axle, as it is strong enough.

If you want disc brakes...put in a Nissan Axle. IMHO, drums work just fine in the rear.

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