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DebbyZP 04-12-2021 04:13 AM

2006 Xterra w/135K up to 3K trip? Towing U-Haul trailer?
Feedback requested, please. "Thumper" is a 2006 Xterra w/ 135K miles. No known mechanical problems, and since I purchased him about 10 years ago I have religiously change the oil, etc every 3,000 miles and had a reliable shop look after him. Due to my father's dementia, I will be moving from Clearwater, Florida back to the Spokane, Washington area in September. I've often seen where the Xterras should last about 200K. Am I naive to believe that he can make the 3,000 mile trip without expiring? I'll have my shop change all the belts, new tires, etc. before I head out. Also, would pulling a small U-Haul trailer be detrimental? With appreciation - D

alabama_lowlife 04-12-2021 10:01 AM

A common issue with the xterra, pathfinder, and frontiers around that time is for the transmission cooler in the radiator to fail. This allows antifreeze to mix with the transmission fluid and ruin the transmission. To prevent this possibility you can have the radiator replaced. If the radiator has already been replaced it’s likely you’re in the clear. If not I would absolutely have it replaced before I took off on a trip. In fact, if it were mine I’d have it replaced immediately.

89'HBV6 04-12-2021 06:12 PM

Alabama... does this engine have a belt or a chain for timing?
135k, I would wonder if this needs to looked into?

Gotcha, thanks... v v v

alabama_lowlife 04-12-2021 10:47 PM

The 4.0 has timing chains. They don’t require servicing unless they are making noise.

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