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Deathbed 09-08-2021 03:24 AM

91 xe 4x4 flange bolt HELP
Ok so of course my flange gasket is a gonner'. Its at the Y-PIPE on the 2 bolt side. What size are those bolt heads? 16mm too small 17mm too big and standard sizes 11/16 seems too big. I'm lost and really don't wna round them sumbeeches off. Been soaking with blaster for 3 days now. Searched everything I can including part numbers.

alabama_lowlife 09-08-2021 12:07 PM

Last time I messed with the exhaust I THOUGHT the bolt heads were 17mm. Maybe they’re rusted up and lost some of their size?

Deathbed 09-08-2021 02:04 PM

I wouldn't think to this degree but I suppose it's possible?

OldGreyBeast 09-08-2021 02:20 PM

Mine were meant to be 17mm but had lost just enough size that they rounded off. I ended up having to cut it apart. Got a local exhaust shop to build me a new full system out of aluminized pipe for $300.

Deathbed 09-08-2021 06:06 PM

Well heck. Sounds like thats where I'm goin to end up. Unfortunately the 2 exhaust shops here in town are ridiculous 😒

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