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PorknBeans 09-21-2020 02:13 AM

2020 Nissan Frontier 310 HP V6

Rubble 09-23-2020 04:59 PM


Originally Posted by PorknBeans (Post 540103)

Personally I don't think that they should have gone with a Smaller Engine than the 4 Liter.

Going from a 5 speed AT to a 9 speed AT, I'm not sure about either, but I understand that they are trying to get more out of the Engine Power Band at a more complicated Transmission.

I haven't driven the 2020 Frontier yet or read about those that have used it for Pulling a Load.

Frankly I think they should have gone with a slightly bigger engine, like a 4.3L or 4.5L with a towing capacity of 8,000 lbs.

IMO they should stay with a Metal Front Bumper, but they didn't ask me.

I get they are trying to give it a car like front end to lure The Suv'rs into a Truck, but I hate Plastic on the Front or Back End of a Truck.

I understand that the Wife want's a Car and the Husband want's a Truck so they try to make a Truck that's a compromise.

Maybe when the '21 New Frontier Body Style come's out it will have a Metal Front Bumper. IMO they should be useing the New Mirror Polished SS for Front and Rear Bumper's like they have for Step Rail's, but a little thicker for a Bumper. If they were concerned with weight, they could have gone with a polished Aluminum Bumper, which would have been better than Plastic IMO.

PorknBeans 10-28-2021 03:41 AM

I came across this brand spanking new Nissan Frontier Pro-X Double Cab model today! 310 hp V-6 vs. the current 265 hp 4.0L offering. I like the body design. It is on par with the Ford Ranger and Taco(Tacoma) models. I love the two clean looking l.e.d. driving lights and grill. But, too bulky for me right now. I still like the mini trucks.

I know a female coworker that wants one badly and currently drives a 2006 Frontier Nismo Double Cab model.

I was able to capture a frontend shot in my right side mirror in stop and go rush hour traffic, as well as from the back. You can also compare the current model Frontier vs. the new Frontier

alabama_lowlife 10-28-2021 09:57 AM

Yeah I like the new one, I can’t imagine how much fun that 310 hp is. My old 2011 with the 4.0 was pretty peppy. The prices are just nuts though. It would be $40k for one like I would want.

PoBoi850 10-28-2021 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by alabama_lowlife (Post 554648)
The prices are just nuts though. It would be $40k for one like I would want.

That's the issue. Pricing has just gotten ridiculous across the board. I suspect more companies will be in the small truck business, like Ford and Hyundai, soon. There is a whole "sub $30K" market out there for trucks, with just 2 options. I think Nissan & Toyota will want to tap into that.

About the New Frontier, I love it. Looks rugged and squared like a truck should. I think the new Pathy is gonna look similar too.

89'HBV6 10-28-2021 06:41 PM

I'll need to replace my "collection", eventually... and need to consider if the DW ever needed to drive it.
1. She hates manuals!
2. OMG... "small trucks" (?!?!?) these days, need a stepladder to get over the sides! ...compared to most stock D21's.
3. She has also mentioned she wants a Taco. )o:

Not ready to do this yet, but... guess I'll need to go kick some tires one day soon.

Thanks for the PICs PnB...

PorknBeans 10-29-2021 02:58 AM

Yes, Sir! My pleasure!

I like to document subjects with photos, since I just was not born with any type of drawing or sketching skills whatsoever. My youngest kid can draw or sketch anything. My eldest cannot. Nobody else in my family sketches either.

So a saying goes, or so I was told, “When you have a kid or kids, you never know whom you are getting!” I wholeheartedly believe this!

DAZE752 10-29-2021 03:55 AM

Didn't know our local dealer got any of these, but by reading the frame looks like they did.

YEPEE 10-29-2021 02:26 PM

the ones I have seen have a "market value" $5000 added to them... Nissan has used the eng/trans for a few years already, they just put it in a new package! lol

PorknBeans 10-29-2021 02:52 PM

Where and what did they have the motor tested in, YEPEE? And for how long? Do you have a link for any info that can be provided?

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