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Default 97 HB - Starting Problem

Howdy all,

Looking for some help with my truck. The truck doesn't want to start, when I turn the key all I hear is a click from the solenoid, maybe some whirring and buzzing noise as usual. I've done quite a bit of reading but nothing that help, I've done the following:

-replaced starter switch- the electrical portion behind the ignition switch

-replaced starter from oreillys

-swap relays with clutch inhibitor and other relays in the same relay block

-check the CSS, it's not it since I can press it with my finger and hear the single click when I press it while holding the key

- jumped the starter solenoid wire straight to the positive of the battery, still doing the same single click from solenoid. if this didn't work with a brand new starter then this is puzzling

Now there is supposed to be a starter relay somewhere but I haven't been able to find it.

Hoping someone could help, thanks in advance.
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I donít have much time before I have to leave for work. Hereís a link to the factory service manual for the 97. The wiring for the starter is on page 20. I would recommend checking the main power wire from the battery to the starter. Look for corrosion creeping up the wire. Check the ground from the battery to the inner fender and then the engine. Iíd also recommend a NEW, not remanufactured starter, youíll likely have to order it from rockauto.

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Starter relay should be the blue relay just behind the battery with the 2 plugs, it is the only blue relay with 2 plugs.

Was the starter "NEW" or a reman? Reman starters suck, they fail even when "New". Check your battery terminals and wiring going to the starter, I had a problem with a previous truck where there was hardly any wire in the ring terminal at the starter end.

If you jump the starter directly from the battery and it doesn't turn over it could be the thick wire going to the starter or a bad starter, bypassing the starter relay eliminates the relay.
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