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OK, good to know, thanks guys.
1997 D21 KA24E
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Originally Posted by Outlawjoseywales View Post
Tally, nothing broke off or messed up. At 1st, when I finally got the O2 sensor to come off the motor, I thought it was just a large version of my sensor, but then thought it was some type of adapter. It was neither.

Please let me know what's going on if you can figure it out.
Thanks OJW
My 1989 either does not have this part or it stayed in when I changed my sensor.
1989 D21 Standard Cab 4x2
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Default Similar issue...

Had to replace my exhaust manifold. It didn't come with that bung adapter.
Went to the Nissan dealer and told the guy what I needed and he said they weren't made that way. Pulled up the computer and there it was, dealer available item and in stock.
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Default O2 sensor location

Hey guys, this is my first post to the forum, but I've checked it out a bit over the 5 years I have owned my 93 D21. I try to do as much of the maintenance on it that I can, so....

I need to replace my Upstream O2 sensor. I'm fairly certain that it is located in the right side exhaust manifold, right above near the oil filter. I'm a little confused though because the wire coming from it is one thin line that is routed into a bundle of wires that seem to end at the positive battery terminal, instead of ending with a plastic clip connector like all other O2 sensors I have seen.

Am I looking at the wrong part, or is this a normal thing? Thanks for any advice.
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I assume you have a V6, the 02 should be screwed into the exhaust manifold, just above where the down pipe mounts
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