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Default Blowing 10 Amp fuse

I'm doing a repair on the rear light assemblies on a 1994 nissan pu. The 10 Amp fuse for the running rear lights keeps blowing and while troubleshooting it I found a couple wires coming off of a after radio install that were taped together (pink/blue&pink/black) I disconnected them after going through the wiring diagram and it shows them as a +/- for old stereo illumination but when I disconnect them from them from each other the passenger side turn signal tail light won't flash and stays solid??? Some I'm a little confused
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Does the truck have a spliced trailer wire harness?
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Welcome to infamous nissan! Punctuation is free. It also makes it easier to understand text.

Pink/blue and pink/black are the positive and negative sides of the illumination circuit. They should definitely not be connected to each other. Pink/black is the ground through the variable resistor in the instrument light dimmer.

Check under the bed, near the passenger rear light, for a trailer wiring adapter. It’s pretty common for owners to install them and they’re prone to failure. This is always the first place I think of when there is a problem with tail lights. After that, check the connectors and bulbs for corrosion and security. It’s usually something simple.
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My truck was also blowing that same fuse. In my case it was the radio that was blowing that fuse. Previous owner installed a aftermarket stereo, but the ground wasn't properly connected to the chassis, and had a couple of wires held together with black tape. Properly connected those wires and the problem went away.
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Originally Posted by cadillacdude1975 View Post
Does the truck have a spliced trailer wire harness?
I have to check for spliced trailer wire harness.
The bulb harnesses look good. The after market stereo look tight and has a good ground.

A lot of good suggestions for me to check and dig deeper into it. Thanks!
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Agree that with a modern stereo (with its own LED lighting) that you do not want to connect any marker lights or illumination lights to it.

So keep that wire isolated from the stereo, and remember that the right turn signal circuit is entirely separate than a right marker/taillight circuit, even though they may share a dual-filament bulb. But dual filament bulb still need to be installed correctly, and the socket must also have a good ground.
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