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Originally Posted by alabama_lowlife View Post
I prefer the 3 piece slider to the 4 piece slider. When I had a 4 piece slider it leaked. In the trucks I’ve had with the 3 piece slider they never leaked. Also, the latch is more secure and less prone to breaking.
I hardly ever look at my back window. Found out today it is a THREE piece, not four. I actually looked LOL. Yeah, it works fine and doesn't leak.

If you have a canopy with windows, install new screening to keep out the bugs. I can give you some hints on how to do this easier. The rubber for the screening on these canopies is pretty thin and hard to roll into the slots unless you know what to do.

HINT: I used a rag soaked in WD40 to coat the rubber first, and then a Q tip to lay some more into the slot where the rubber goes. Much easier to install screening this way. Then use a razor to trim off the excess screening. Get a screen rubber roller to do this. Don't use a screwdriver except to start the rubber.

1997 King Cab XE, 5-sp, canopy, AC/PS, KA24E, 120,000 miles. Need a technical manual? Drop me a message. Chilton's for amateurs.
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