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Yes sir. Make sure you clean out all the oil passages when you have it all apart.
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Originally Posted by 91nissan94 View Post
Yes sir. Make sure you clean out all the oil passages when you have it all apart.
will do!
thanks for the info, ordering now.
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Alabama, nice write up, big props!

I have 0 compression on all 4 of my cylinders. I haven't done a leak down test yet as I'm not sure I need to. When I hand crank the car, it is not easy. The starter cranks at normal speeds as well. It is not faster than normal.

I believe my cam shaft is out of sync like I may have jumped a few teeth. This would indicate that a valve may be bent or broken, or all. Can anyone give me some pointers?

Here's the back story:
I was driving around town, not very far and it smelled a little like burning or just being hot. On my way home I noticed the car was heating up temp and I started seeing smoke coming from under the hood when stopped. I pulled into a gas station and bought some water and poured it immediately into my radiator. Once I got home (1-2 miles) I made sure to properly fill up the radiator with as much water as it could hold. I gave the truck about 3 hours to rest and drove about 2 miles when the acceleration would bog down, exhaust was loud and sounded funny, and power was diminishing. It very quickly went very south and died. Would not start and shook hard as if it was misfiring or running on 1 or 3 cylinders.

I took it apart and replaced the head gasket. One of the valves was slightly opened when the head was off but I attributed that to turning the cam shaft when freeing the cam sprocket. I took a wire wheel on a drill and tried to clean as much soot as possible off the valves and top of the combustion chamber. I did make sure to avoid the valve that was slightly opened. I took brake cleaner and cleaned down the piston heads and walls (I probably stripped the chamber of any oil).

Forgot to mention, the right side chain tensioner was completely shattered, there was nothing.

New exhause gasket, new intake manifold gasket, new intake gasket, new head gasket, new EGR valve. New right side chain tensioner.

Now when I crank I get no start, and compression tests come back 0 for all cylinders. I'm looking at the image on page 12 section EM of the Nissan Truck Model D21 series PDF and my crank sprocket key doesn't line up in same rotation as the cam sprocket key like in the picture.

I'm thinking maybe I jumped some teeth and I'm not getting any pressure reading because a valve is opening at the wrong time. This would also indicate that I would have a bent/broken valve. I think there is compression though because it is not easy to crank by hand and the starter isn't spinning away super fast.

Anyone got any ideas for me? Sorry this thread is so old.
I was wondering if I could, while crank pulley is at TDC, rotate the cam off the chain and reinstall to get those *slipped sprocket teeth back to correct.

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I made this reply to your other post.
Set the #1 piston to TDC. Remove the spark plug and use a wooden dowel, screwdriver, or similar to physically verify that the piston is at the top. Look at the valves one the #1 cylinder. You should be on either the compression stroke with all valves closed, or on the exhaust stroke with both intake valves closed and the exhaust valve open. Where is the keyway on the camshaft at this point?
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