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Default 1996 Hardbody won't start

Hi everyone I'm on here trying to find some answers on fixing my truck. I can't afford to pay someone to fix it so I'm pretty much a do it yourselfer. So if anyone knows what they are talking about and can help me please I could really use some help....

Here is my problem. I burnt up the clutch in my 1996 hardbody and it sat up for about 6 months. I finally got my truck to where I could start work on it. Dropped my tranny changed out the clutch, pressure plate, and throw out berring. Put the transmission back in (also changed my crankshaft position sensor it was bad) also let me include that prior to changing my clutch kit I pretty much ran it out of gas. It use to want start with just the turn of the key. Well I try to start it now and it won't start. It's not the starter it's something to do with fuel or lack of. It has about a quarter tank of gas now so it's in the tank. But it's not getting to the carburetor. For what ever reason because I can pour a little gas into the carburetor and it will crank up but won't stay running once it burns the little gas I put in the carburetor.

Any advice??
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Make sure the fuel is getting through the fuel filter and that it isn’t clogged.
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I'm not sure if you can hear the fuel pump on the hard body's. But try put the key to the run position a few times before you try and crack it. This will prime it. Listen to see if you can hear the fuel pump. If you cant hear it get someone by the passenger side rear wheel to see if they can. Personally never listened for it on my 97 hardbody so I'm still not sure if you can. However if you dont hear it check fuses and the relay. That's the most common issue on most cars. Also you said it was carburetored, gas that contains ethanol goes bad over time and is known to clog carb jets. If you hear the pump and it still won't start, maybe try pouring a thing of sea foam in the tank, its may unclog the jet. If not you may have to dissemble and clean
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