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Default throttle body spacer or under drive pulleys?

hey guys, looking to get some opinions on my ka24de. throttle body spacer (roughly 80 bux) or obx under drive pulley sets, alt, crank, water pump (roughly 150 bux). pros? cons? anyone have either or, or both? all input would be appreciated. i have no power steering on my truck, so i am leaning tword the spacer.

used to have just the crank pulley on my ka24e 91 d21. although the trans was at, i could feel the motor wind up faster. dunno about the mt and a whole set of pulleys.

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i was thinkin about the pulleys too, hopefully nismopu or one of the motor guys will see this and chime in
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Our engines use multipoint fuel injection and a throttle body spacer will not produce horsepower. Throttle body spacers produce gains only on throttlebody injection.
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Worried for the US
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If you have a large amp/amps that draws alot of amperage, you don't want to use underdrive pulleys due to it slowing your alternator speed, thus limiting the output of your alternator. If you don't have a large system then....no worries.
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sorry to revive a dead thread, but i was referred here by a member of another forum, so i searched for this topic and found this as the only thread.

I've just completed an underdrive pulley project and thought it would be informative to some of the members here.

I used a 240sx underdrive pulley, and had some parts machined to work for the frontier's ka24de.

new pulley pics:

Problem 1: the oil seal shaft wasn't long enough and the pulley bottomed out on the block, (causing it to rub against the block, as shown in red circles,) so i had to have a spacer machined to fit on the crankshaft, and allow the pulley to float where it needed too.

Problem 1:

Problem 2: the belt grooves were made for serpentine belts, rather than our V-belt design, so i had the grooves machined and made exactly to our belts' specs. this can be seen in the side by side pics above.



machined belt grooves:

no more block rubbing:

long story short, it can be done for our vehicles.

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To Further revive a dead thread (because I was using search function instead of creating new thread), why did no one previous make mention of machining any parts for their pulleys to work? Also, I read on another forum that the aluminum harmonic balancer pulley doesn't account for balancing and are to be avoided. How true is this? Some guys said they had no issues. Any consensus?
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