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Default Reverse Bleeders for Brakes

Has anyone ever heard of Reverse Bleeders?

I came across this post on another forum:

Originally Posted by lews51 View Post
If you reverse bleed or pressure bleed from the top you can get the air out. I made a reverse pressure bleeder and it works great on most everything. you take a 2" diameter piece of pipe 8" long threaded both ends. 2 pipe cap drill a hole to tap for 1/8" pipe in each one on one cap you put a ball valve with a 1,8 hose bib the on one other cap you put a air valve for filling tires. screw the one with the ball valve on and attach hose to it this goes over the bleeder screw .fill it 3/4 full of brake fluid and put the other cap on only put 5-lb of pressure in the air side,USE A HAND PUMP. MAKE SURE YOUR SYSTEM IS EMPTY OF FLUID. crack your bleeder screw crack and watch the master cylinder closely when the fluid gets there it will fill up fast. but you will not have air in your system
That's interesting. I've never heard of such, and I thought he was about to describe how to make a pipe bomb.

I found out that someone makes stuff like this, too.

Here's a YouTube by Speedway showing about it. Reverse Bleeding with their tool starts at about 2:09 into the video.

Has anyone ever done this before?
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I've never tried it but I have seen it on TV
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That seems kinda neat. Never heard of it.
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