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Smile What to look for in a WD21 pathfinder

Hello, first time poster here.
Ive been lurking on this forum keeping my D21 alive for a couple of years.
I appreciate each and every post by you guys, it helped me keep my truck running long enough to finish my education.
Sadly it developed a rodknock, with 2 more rod bearings starting to go sloppy, and with a transmission already being limped along. So I've decided to let it go.

Because of where I'm at right now and what I need in a vehicle, I'm looking for a first gen pathfinder, two door or four door.

What should I look for beyond the obvious dip$h!t used car stuff, and the general D21 issues? I had the 2wd KA24E D21, so I'm not all that familiar with the VG30 or the pathfinder. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

P.S., are the automatic pathfinder transmissions decent or should I expect trouble?
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