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and the job still driving a truck but now im working for a local company that has its hands in about every recycling outfit from here to atlanta to birmingham to nashville.

hauled a load of crushable aluminum scrap today to monroe, tn right below the dale hollow lake on the KY line, then reloaded with refined and shredded iron and took it to cartersville ga then home for the day.

i have been trying to get dump truck experience, and cause i had none, i could never get any time in one. well screw them fools who wouldnt give me a shot. this place has dump trucks too. hauled around a vertical hydraulic dump bed trailer today. pretty different side to trucking. i dont wait to get unloaded, i wait in line, back up, open doors, engage the PTO and dump my shit and pull forward to empty it out and im done. close doors and go on about my beeswax.
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