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Default 97 HB - Starting Problem

Howdy all,

Looking for some help with my truck. The truck doesn't want to start, when I turn the key all I hear is a click from the solenoid, maybe some whirring and buzzing noise as usual. I've done quite a bit of reading but nothing that help, I've done the following:

-replaced starter switch- the electrical portion behind the ignition switch

-replaced starter from oreillys

-swap relays with clutch inhibitor and other relays in the same relay block

-check the CSS, it's not it since I can press it with my finger and hear the single click when I press it while holding the key

- jumped the starter solenoid wire straight to the positive of the battery, still doing the same single click from solenoid. if this didn't work with a brand new starter then this is puzzling

Now there is supposed to be a starter relay somewhere but I haven't been able to find it.

Hoping someone could help, thanks in advance.
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