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Here is a temporary parts and materials list. This will change as I progress through the install.

Parts needed:
- Cooling fan assembly from early Altima 2.4L engine
- 195 degree on, 175-170 degree off fan switch (Part #WT622P Borg Warner)
- Several feet each of heavy gauge (10ga ) wire in red, black and white
- Several feet each of small gauge wire in red, black and green
- Four 30 or 40 amp, five post relays (can be plucked from most any import car)
- One single throw panel rocker or toggle switch 12v (On/Off switch)
- Electrical connectors, spade connectors, butt splice connectors
- Electrical solder and soldering gun/iron
- Heat shrink tubing
- Black electrical tape
- Plastic conduit tube (for protection of wiring)

Tools needed:

- Basic metric socket set
- Basic metric wrench set
- Pliers and wire cutters
- Wire stripper/crimper tool
- Test light and/or multi meter
- Drill
- 11/32" drill bit
- 1/8" by 27 NPT tap (National Pipe Thread)
1989 D21 Standard Cab 4x2
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