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Default How-To: Altima electric cooling fan install

In this write-up I will detail the installation of a dual speed electric cooling fan assembly taken from an earlier model Nissan Altima with a 2.4l engine.

I think the Altima I got my cooling fan from was early 1993 to 1997 model but I did not look at the year.

This write-up information will likely change a bit as I go because I am not certain of the fan switches and sensors I am using. I am also planning to use a four relay system to run the low speed and high speed operations of the fan. I may have an override switch to run the two fans on high in case of emergency cooling needs.

The main operation of the fans will be via a fan switch that will turn on both fans at low speed once coolant temps reaches 200 degrees and turns them off at 185 degrees. Both fans will remain OFF at temps below 185 degrees so there will be no draw on the charging system at that time.

In the event that this is not enough cooling I will rewire the relays to turn on one fan low speed and one fan high speed at 200 degrees.

Also, this may lead to the install of a higher output alternator but I am hoping not.
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