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Default Ronnie's dash swap wiring how-to

Lots of guys have been asking me about the hazard switch wiring. Here is an update to that wiring. This info is for 89 swapping to 97. If you find this doesn't work, let me know what year you have and I'll sort it out.

For the hazard switch plug, rewire it like this using your old wires and the old plug. Then plug it up to the new switch. Cut the plug off the wires. I list the loose wires first and the stub of wire sticking out of the plug as the plug pin color.

Connect the Green wire to the Brown/white plug pin

Connect the red/yellow wire to the gray/red plug pin

Connect the gray/blue wire to the gray/blue plug pin

Connect the gray/red wire to the pink/blue plug pin

Connect the pink/black wire to the white/black plug pin

Connect the pink/blue wire to the green plug pin

Connect the brown/white wire to the red/yellow plug pin

Connect the white/black wire to the pink/black plug pin

Ran into an issue today that I had not run across before while helping bradonodom18 work on his swap. The temperature gauge wiring it different on the non-tach trucks. His new cluster is from a 94 without a tach. The temperature gauge wire is C31 instead of A3 for the non-tach clusters.
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