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Today on the way home from work I stopped to get gas and when I went to start the truck it didn't the first time, second time it cranked slow but started. Started fine when I left work.

I think I need to re do the terminal on the large power wire that goes to the starter, the terminal is a little loose.

When I got home I shut it off and tried starting it a few times and it did start but it cranked real slow, and as I said previously the voltage gauge goes all the way down to 8.

I wasn't sure if the battery I have was the sealed type or the type you add water so I looked at a picture I had and it is the type that you can add water.

I added water to all the cells and started the truck. This time it started no problem, this was after the truck sat for about 2 hours.

I grabbed my multi meter and checked voltage at the battery to compare to what the volt gauge was showing, pretty close, more accurate on the meter as it is digital.

This is what I was getting, don't think it's a alternator or battery problem (stock alternator):

Engine running no accessories on 13.98 volts at battery
Engine off nothing on - 13.90 volts at battery
Engine running with high beams on (100 watt bulbs) - 13.78 volts at battery

after all that, when starting engine volt gauge in the truck only went down to about 10 volts and engine started right up, tried starting it 3 times, no problems.

Wonder if the cells being a little low could have caused this? Will find out tomorrow I guess.
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