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I got the solenoid to finally activate by moving it in and out of park a few times. I suspect the park safety switch is going bad. It must be plugged into the transmission somewhere I'll have to look. It still did not turn over so I purchased a new starter. Will see if that fixes it.

Originally Posted by XoXSciFiGuy View Post
This problem might be beyond my abilities, but I can tell you this much:
Do NOT, under any circumstances, install a cheap China starter into these trucks. They just don't work. Mostly.
Fairly sure when I replaced it I replaced it with a new one. I recall it being close to $200. But I cant find the receipt or even know where I purchased it.

I went ahead and purchased a "new" starter from autozone. It was $160 plus core deposit. Wasn't a reman so hopefully this does it. Crazy how long they kept the same body style, this one is an 88 and looks the same as yours except for red........well kinda pink now. Someday I will get it repainted. It's the wife's fathers truck he bought new in 88 and both of her parents have passed on. So we will have it until it rusts into the ground, its gets smashed, or we both pass on ourselves. I took advantage of the crazy truck prices right now and sold my 2015 Ram 3500 for $6k more then I paid for it new in 2015. So I am without a vehicle and will be driving this one until I buy a replacement. Going from a big truck to a tiny truck is rough

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