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Originally Posted by xokia View Post
It's an automatic. I was thinking Park safety switch or something.

Anyone know what voltage I should be seeing on those two wires that go to the starter solenoid? Wish I could rig up some kind of jumper to manually test it out. I have 2 wires going to the solenoid.

Big wire to the solenoid should be 12 volts positive ("hot").

Smaller wire should be 12 volts positive WHEN the key is in the "Start" position AND the neutral safety switch (a contact switch) is "closed" by the transmission being in park or neutral.

One way to test battery and starter in your instance is to use a short piece of wire - best if there's an inline fuse in this wire - put transmission in park or neutral (be sure), and use this jumper wire to momentarily touch 12 volts positive from either the battery or from the large wire/terminal on the starter solenoid to the small terminal on the starter solenoid. BE AWARE THAT THE ENGINE MIGHT CRANK, SO BE AWAY FROM ANY ROTATING ENGINE PARTS LIKE THE ENGINE FANS. NOTICE THE CAPITALS.
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