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Default 86 Nissan d21 fires right up, then dies

Here's where I'm at...
86 Nissan d21 HB vg30
Changed the spark plugs and wires..truck drove great after went to return a wrong part bcz I had an idle issue that was a vacuum problem disconnected..on my way home stopped and put some premium (93 octane) gas in and that's where things went left...after this I noticed intermittent misses, pulled all the spark plugs and checked the gap (.44 right?)..double and tripled checked all my plug wires to make sure they we're all on correct and that none of them we're touching each other, still had the misfire decided to call it last night cause it was late, woke up this morning and now it will start right up, sometimes will idle for less than 1 min then dies, will stay running if I can get my foot on the gas.
Was really frustrated and don't have the resources to pull and swap parts as this is my only vehicle.. Some things to note: ngk copper plugs , 155k miles, and put a bottle of Lucas injector cleaner in.

Possibly..EGR ? TPS? Alittle lost on this one, truck is currently at the shop and they have been messing with it for a few days... Still nothing
Tried looking for a similiar problem in other threads nothing really quite matched..

Also the shop mentioned that it would run for 30 minutes or so perfectly then they would shut it off and turn it back on and it would run like shit again, pretty much when it gets to running temp is when the problems start..

Any input is welcome, thanks tom
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