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Originally Posted by joetruck View Post
thanks to all. When I tested turning the wheel the shaft moves almost a half rotation before the wheels actually turn. I am assuming the gear is busted so I ordered another one. Hard to justify 250 bucks for a old beater but it is better than buying a new one.
I have to ask whether or not you have the Factory Service manual on this truck, or...whether you have done steering gear fixes on these trucks before?

Just saying it's tricky. ('Don't let the metal ball fall out...don't scratch the oil seal..." bunch of warnings in the FSM. Not sure, but maybe your preload adjustment is off. I am not an expert on doing steering gear by any means. The manual says you should check (basically steering components) if the steering wheel is slack. I dunno...

I do have a copy of the FSM for your truck in PDF. And on this manual, the links in the PDF actually work. (long story) Contact me at adventurebooksofseattle AT G Mail if you don't have a copy of your FSM. Can't send these in a PM. They run 1200 pages and 25 megs or so.

EDIT: You ordered the part, okay. If you don't have the FSM, and you aren't sure how all this is done, email me and I will gladly send it to you. There are about five pages in the FSM, with good pictures, on doing steering gear repairs and replacement.

Old Ford trucks and vans were FAMOUS for loose steering gear boxes. Oh, brother. I once took a 72 Ford van on a 16-month road trip all over the USA. (late 70's) That had to turn it a third of the way around before it started to work. There was an adjustment or something on the box. But playing with it only made the wheel harder to turn. Still was loose LOL.

1997 King Cab XE, 5-sp, canopy, AC/PS, KA24E, 125,000 miles. Need a technical manual? Drop me a message. Chilton's for amateurs.

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