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yeah it is on there. there are two. and i dont know why the image i posed changed......must be something over on alldata where i linked it from.

the 2 that are on the V6 are defined as long and short hex headed. the AC one is the shorter shanked one.

i should have left well enough alone. its been running like a top. i guess it remembered i had money when i replaced the master cylinder and upgraded the door speakers (again) last week. damn truck got me for 175 bucks last week.

good thing the better half got paid. she never missed the 60 bucks i dropped on my new speakers haha and whats even funnier is i changed them in the driveway saturday morning before she woke up and noticed i was not in the bed. by the time she was awake and on the steps watching me i was telling her to get her shoes on to come pump the pedal while i bled the system.

and the shitty thing is that a rebuilt master cyl came with no reservoir and it was 75 bucks. i said forget it and got a new one for 95 bucks. i had a 20% off coupon autozone had sent me in the mail and i used it on the last day. hey it saved me 19 bucks off the new one and i still got a credit point on my rewards card.
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