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Most folks with TBI either stay TBI or go carbed.

The 93 is MPFI which means at very least the fuel injection system is different as far as the wiring. The ECM is also different as there are more injectors. 93 was a turning point with the D#1, so likely with the WD21 too, where the speedo changed from mechanical to electronic so the instrument cluster and speed sensor circuit will be different. Lotta little things were changed.

I'm not sure when it changed but with the R50 Pathfinder the location of the alternator and power steering pump was on different sides of the motor from the truck. That would complicate wiring too as the pigtail would be in the wrong spot.

I am planning a similar swap but more custom once I find a seller with a blower that isn't a flake. When/if I get to do this I will do a full write-up.

What is your end goal? Motor swap? MPFI swap?

Motor swap is easy. Swap the block and put your injection system and intake back on. MPFI swap will turn into custom wiring and in my case a custom ECM and tune.
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