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Thank You,Kelly. it looks like Big Red is coming along nicely.the frame is looking great. i have enjoyed reading your many posts. ready to see her bolted back together.

Thank You,Bama. i appreciate you keeping this place going, it is a wonderful thing you have here.
i really like all your vehicles, the black and White KCs are so nice, the stripes on Kristy's kc just set it off. i want to paint mine White now, and i want new stripes from jamesdean. good find on that guy.

Hey,Tony ! Thank You.
too bad the 93 kc is gone, but i bet you are loving the '17 desert runner.
i do prefer older trucks ('97 black d21, '06 White silverado RC WT 4.3), but your red one is so nice and i would love to have it.
you have been here a long time,it seems like you will pop in whenever things get too complicated. i have learned so much from you already, please stick around and keep it up.
BAMA said i have a nice truck !
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