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Default My "teardrop"

Had some interest in my trailer, so here's the info.

Started off as a pop-up that I tore down to the frame and ordered a Timbren axleless setup. It's about 6.5'x11'. Used mostly 2x2s for framing with either 1/2" or 1/4" plywood, depending on location. The top roofline I ended up going with fiberglass to make the compound curves a little easier. Although it probably took as much time as it would be soaking plywood and shaping it.

I would say it's done (able to move in), but not finished. I haven't done any trim work and there's spots that I already know I want to make minor changes. I used slotted panel boards? for the majority of the interior with oak in spots. Just linseed oil, no stain for finish. The parts of the interior that just plywood is gonna act as canvases during my travels.

Not sure if I'm missing anything, let me know if you want to know more. Otherwise I'll just update it as I go.

Now here's pictures for y'all to look at.
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