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ahardb0dy 09-09-2015 09:36 PM

Extra ground wire did not help. Tomorrow going to check the power wire at the starter end. If it looks OK and is clean and tight, than it may just be time to order a new starter.

The way it is starting when it gets hot sounds like when the Chevy guys would advance the timing and the engine would take a second before it would crank over.

ahardb0dy 09-14-2015 08:55 PM

So a little while ago I tested to see which wire goes to the starter solenoid from the starter relay. I disconnected the plug from the relay and jumped the terminal straight from the battery positive and the engine started.

So now that I know this, next time the starter does not crank or cranks slow, I can unplug the one plug from the relay and jump it to the battery, if it cranks normal than either the starter relay or the ignition switch is bad.

I think I will pick up a new starter relay as the one I swapped in a while back was a used one.

Will report back with my findings.

Also determined the wiring to the relay,

black/yellow stripe is positive going into the relay
black/yellow stripe is positive going into the relay
black/pink stripe is output to the solenoid
light green is the ground coming from the clutch interlock switch

I think unlike normal wiring to a relay where the relay has constant power than when you flip a switch the relay allows power to pass through it, the starter relay has power going in on two wires only when the key is turned to the "start" position. Did not have power to the relay unless the key was turned to "start"

black/pink to the positive battery will let the starter crank without the clutch pushed in.

I made sure the trans was in neutral with the key to "ON" when I did this test.

Hardbody92 09-15-2015 04:51 PM

I have a starter for sale man 50 bucks. Bought it 2009 my truck was parked 2012 very little use

ahardb0dy 09-16-2015 08:28 AM

I'm not going to replace the starter unless I find out the starter is the problem, thanks for the offer anyway.

I'd rather put up with the problem for a while and find out what is really causing it than to just start replacing parts that are not the problem.

ahardb0dy 09-21-2015 09:22 PM

Guess it's new starter time ! Today had the truck running for a while than shut it off, went to start it and it was cranking real slow, perfect time to test my theory. Unplugged the one plug at the starter relay that goes down to the solenoid, jumped power from the positive battery terminal to the wire that goes to the solenoid, still cranked slow.

So this tells me the ignition switch and relay are not the problem, leaving the positive wire to the starter or the starter it self.

Hopefully this one won't be as much of a pain in the ass to replace as it is on the V6's !

ahardb0dy 10-03-2015 01:01 AM

Just ordered a new starter (New, none of that reman crap ever again !)

ahardb0dy 10-18-2015 05:17 PM

just installed the new starter, sounds better, will see how it does when I drive it for a while and try to start it, should be good now.

Ludacriss 03-15-2018 08:45 AM

Slow start
I have a95 5speed, new alt, new starter not a reman, new ends, new cables. new bat with like 850cca. Slow start, when the engine is cold, slow, no start when it's warm. disconnected the spark, still slow crank, voltage drops from 12-8. all cells are good, clutch safety switch test good, no starter relay clicking and such. retardedthe timing, nothing's changed. so, not a spark issue, not bat, alt, or starter, cable and or end issue. Idk.:hot:

ahardb0dy 03-15-2018 02:32 PM

sounds like the starter is bad, drawing to many amps than when it gets hot won't start.

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