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ahardb0dy 09-18-2020 07:12 PM

OK, I watched your first video, look at the body mount that is right around the front of the door area, see how the mount looks like it slopes downward?

screenshot from your video below:

Now look at the same mount (other side) from a 4x4 Hardbody frame, doesn't it look like the mount slopes upward? Or am I seeing things?? (Pic from Synbiotic12)

close up of above pic:

ahardb0dy 09-18-2020 07:14 PM

I think that is the height difference, it may be a 2" height difference and not the 1" that I said earlier.

I rest my case ! LOL

ahardb0dy 09-18-2020 07:27 PM

1 more pic, this is a 2wd king cab frame (pic from David29), notice the same mount in the pics above, seems like the 2wd mounts also slope downward.

Seems like on the 4x4 Hardbody the top of the mount where the body mount sits on is actually above the height of the frame rail but on the Pathfinder and 2wd Hardbody the top of the mount looks like it is below the top of the rail.

XoXSciFiGuy 09-19-2020 07:40 AM

Well...all I know is that the wife owns a 98 Pathy and I have the 97 truck. And when we sit side by side, hers is taller. Body also sits farther off the ground on hers than on my truck.

But here's the weird thing. When you measure from bumper to bumper on both these king cab is LONGER than the Pathy. :rolleyes:

ahardb0dy 09-19-2020 05:50 PM

apples and oranges with that, your talking one gen vs another.

Motorhead 12-24-2020 03:19 PM

I forgot where I read it in a service manual but yeah the four-wheel-drive trucks have a 1 inch body lift compared to the Pathfinder

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