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amdilligaf1 09-19-2020 02:56 AM

it's good to be here
hello, everyone.
i bought my truck in May, and signed up to IN in June. i have spent most nights since then reading everything i can on here.
i started chiming in last week on the WETROAD a/c thread, but waited until i figured out how to post photos to do an intro, because i hear you guys like that kind of stuff.( i read what you posted,dvdswan!)
i am amazed at all the info and smart people on here, and their willingness to help everyone out.
i bought my truck from my brother's neighbor, i have sat on his porch and watched this seldom driven truck for 15 years! he called us over in Feb, said his job was transferring him to Colorado, and did he have anything we wanted.
DIBS on the mechanic's creeper, truck and landscape trailer!! he needed LOTS of work to get his house ready for sale, i told him reimburse for the materials, and we would apply my labor to the truck and trailer. the hardest part was walking by it for 3 months and not being able to take it home.
very,very little money changed hands:woot:
i worked so hard for it, and i love my truck! :D:D
it's good to be here, A.M.

kellybig 09-19-2020 06:12 AM


alabama_lowlife 09-19-2020 10:48 AM

Nice truck, welcome to in

ahardb0dy 09-19-2020 05:52 PM

Welcome to Infamous

amdilligaf1 09-21-2020 02:35 AM

Thank You,Kelly. it looks like Big Red is coming along nicely.the frame is looking great. i have enjoyed reading your many posts. ready to see her bolted back together.

Thank You,Bama. i appreciate you keeping this place going, it is a wonderful thing you have here.
i really like all your vehicles, the black and White KCs are so nice, the stripes on Kristy's kc just set it off. i want to paint mine White now, and i want new stripes from jamesdean. good find on that guy.

Hey,Tony ! Thank You.
too bad the 93 kc is gone, but i bet you are loving the '17 desert runner.
i do prefer older trucks ('97 black d21, '06 White silverado RC WT 4.3), but your red one is so nice and i would love to have it.
you have been here a long time,it seems like you will pop in whenever things get too complicated. i have learned so much from you already, please stick around and keep it up.

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