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amdilligaf1 03-13-2021 03:43 AM

how many D21s did you see today ? and WD21s too...
well, ol' beansie (PorknBeans) has been spotting/posting some really cool trucks that he sees in his daily travels. :D

so they aren't lost deep in a 2k post thread, maybe it is time to start a dedicated " Today I Saw..." thread. and post photos if you got 'em.

Today i saw 5 hardbodys in my small town of 4k people and 2 stop lights !

i was out running errands, sitting at the main stop light. looked over and a maroon(?) 2wd RC is facing me,
checked traffic to my right and a green 94, gold side stripe, 2wd KC was beside me in the turn lane !

both in good shape, chrome 14"s on both.
high/low blinks, smiles, and waves all around !

back home, 1/2 mile out of town, i was working in the front yard, and the pacific blue 94 2wd KC, couple of gray primer spots on the tailgate, went by that i see several times a week. it is running smooth at 35 mph when i see it. he always waves if i am outside working on the truck.

not today, but there is also a white 2wd KC around town with the same pacific blue tailgate, no rust but she looks a little rough.

then a red 2wd RC pulling a trailer full of scrap metal heading out of town, not straining at all.

it was almost dark and the local black 95 4x4 RC cruised by heading into town. we wave on the road but i don't know him personally.

more to come...:candle:

PorknBeans 03-13-2021 04:02 AM

Great thread that you beat me to!

I did have an idea to start a specific thread like this. But never did. So Thank You!

In the last 3-4 days, I've averaged 5 sightings per day! I can't snap a photo of them at times. Only because I see them too late, they sneak up on me and then make a turn or I see them in parking lots I'm driving past.

This HB is the last one I snapped a quick photo on 02/2021 while on my drive home from work on the freeway:

Edit - Found this one I recall in the parking lot while driving I was getting some food:

...and yet another sighting!

Found another photo!

These are bad ass! Old Skool mini truck club rolling down the freeway with me!

Wow! I have a lot of HB porn on my phone!!!


This one is mine of course!

amdilligaf1 03-13-2021 04:28 AM


Originally Posted by PorknBeans (Post 546554)

I did have an idea to start a specific thread like this. But never did. So Thank You

Just trying to continue your good work, brother ! i usually see 1 or 2 a day if i'm out, but today was really unusual.

all of us 95-97 2.4 owners really appreciate you sharing all the little stuff you have learned over the last 23. no substitute for experience.

and i know the truck you posted is probably red, but in the sun, it almost looks like the Chevy burnt orange Z28 paint from early 2000s.

that would be a good color for the D21. it seems like there was a Nissan paint code similar for a few years?

thanks for sharing. :)

Deerhurst 03-13-2021 05:07 AM

Sorry for the potato photo. I see this every now and then on my drive to work. Its a single cab 2wd, dually with a tiny utility box. Super cool!!!

PorknBeans 03-13-2021 05:25 AM

Potato photo or not...Let's keep documenting!

...and, I have also had to delete photos of HB's, 720's or 650's. Due to being VERY blurry, waaaay out of frame, mostly out of frame or completely missed it. I had a sheriff on my right side staring at me as I was attempting to snap a photo or two of a HB going my way. So needless to say...I put the camera phone down. No ticket, luckily! That would have been a costly photo!

Midnight Tech 03-14-2021 04:35 AM

No pictures, but sighted 2 WD21s today and a 620. Someone was using one of the WD21s to deliver mail. Didn't notice if it was right hand drive.

PorknBeans 03-14-2021 05:17 AM

This white standard cab HB sits on 16" Toyota Sequoia/Tundra 5-spoke split rims:

Nice look on this clean black HB with mirror finished spoked rims:

Long Bed. Guessing a V6 engine:

Stake Bed!

Looks like my HB. Just in standard cab.

PorknBeans 03-14-2021 05:52 AM

My HB again. Off to the recycling center to get rid of this old tv!

This one needs to be broken out of jail!

amdilligaf1 03-15-2021 03:51 AM

thanks, PB....just about an equal amount of work and leisure trucks in that last post.

AND...WHY would anybody screw the license plate to the tailgate, when they have a bumper ? (nevermind, he probably just LKQ'd the bumper, and hasn't done the plate swap yet !)
i do admire his tailgate lock, though...

i was assigned a dually 89(?) D21 V6 w/auto years ago, it was a company truck just like the one Deerhurst posted, it's probably still going.

those poor old red trucks seem to have it hard !! my new tail lights look like the ones on the white D21 tailgating the Xterra.

the gold one pulling the sea-doos looks real cool.

...and the "clean black HB with mirror finished spoked rims"...:ahh:

it's been weeks since i have seen a pathfinder on the road, the mail truck sounds cool, MT.

thanks for posting, everybody.

PorknBeans 03-15-2021 04:59 AM

I also saw that license plate screwed to the tail gate! It did make me laugh, scratch my head and make me make a weird face in disbelief.

Good catch on the tail gate lock! I didn't see that until you pointed it out.

The green(?) dually is cool! But that "clean black single cab with the polished rims" is one of my faves! The tail lights are kool! The Xterra, I guess, is an added bonus. As I didn't realize it was even in the shot!

I have some Pathy's to post too!

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